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Established in 2014, Viridis has been officially into the Solar Reliable and Solution Based Consultant, Solar PV EPC Projects and Services Provider, Solar PV Modules Distributor, Solar PV Module Mounting Structure Manufacturer, Solar Inverters Distributor,Solar BOS Component Distributor & Solar Maintenance and Asset Management business with growth in virtue & expertise since then. We are strategically located in the city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu which is heavily industrialized and has an ever-growing need for a reliable source of energy.

Solar Maintenance & Asset Management

High-Quality Solar Maintenance Makes the Difference

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O&M and AM

The Differences Between O&M and Asset Management

Many first-time solar system owners confuse the difference between operations and maintenance with asset management. The two services do connect to each other, but they cover separate parts of the solar management process. Solar O&M involves the technical support your system needs to generate energy in compliance with warranties and applicable codes. We put preventive maintenance plans and annual cleanings in place to ensure the performance of the solar equipment on the property.

There’s much more to solar power than developing and installation. Our solar maintenance ensures the lasting productivity of your solar energy systems.

Solar asset management involves all the ongoing functions that fall under billing and reporting, invoices and fund distributions, tax filing, service crew calls, and ongoing monitoring. In short, O&M guarantees the energy performance of your solar system, while solar AM ensures the optimal financial performance of your solar portfolio.

Optimal plant performance

Operation & Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance
  • - Regular cleaning of solar panels
  • - Frequent maintenance of thermal-based components
  • - Yearly service of HT side equipment
  • - Diagnostic testing for low power production
  • - Circuit testing
  • - IV curve tracing
  • - Thermal imaging
  • - Earth value measurement
  • - Retro commissioning
  • - Data acquisition system check
  • - Warranty management
Uptime Management
  • - Automatic string level visual alarms
  • - Real time data collection
  • - Monitoring energy production (daily basis)
  • - Effective data interpretation
  • - Mismatch characterization and Insitu-Banding
  • - Solar Resource Management and Prediction
  • - PV system monitoring systems
  • - Trending and Analytics for continuous improvement
  • - Critical and non-critical reactive repairs
  • - Spare parts and inventory management
Lasting productivity

Solar Asset Management

Performance Monitoring

Accurate reports on the energy generation of your systems.

Solar Portfolio Management

Depending on the size of your solar investment, your portfolio could take substantial resources to manage.

Power Demand Monitoring

Collecting data on the patterns and trends in your energy consumption.

Solar energy can be a game changer

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